Zoho Connect App Reviews

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MM Net more success Bro

Great opportunity for mm crypto newbie. Thank for your supporting to mm newbies.

Not a good start

So far not a good start. Just started using it for the hospital I work for. Downloaded the app, went to change my profile, and it starts to load for 2 seconds and then disappears. Guess you can’t change your profile in this app.

Getting better but some annoyances remain

When I compare this apps condition last year, it has definitely improved. If you haven’t checked it recently, you should log back in. However, there are definitely some annoyances they have refused to fix for a long time: - Top of the list: forced Portrait Orientation. Many, many iOS devices are connected to keyboards and cases where they cannot be easily rotated, but this app forces you to. Therefore, I usually refuse to open this app anymore on iPads. This app used to support Landscape but they removed it. I’ve talked with the developers and they said they might put it back in someday, but no change in this since last year (2017). - Notification problems: Notifications frequently don’t work. Don’t depend on getting them... you’ll be forced to check the app constantly to make sure you didn’t miss anything. (Extra info for product manager: When people post to their feeds, you get no notification about this even if you are following them. The only way you’ll see it is if you go into the app and check your “My Feed.” We are only getting notifications for posts to the Company feed.) - Limitations in post visibility in your feed: (Extra info for product manager: I’ve already created a support request with you about this previously, but summary:) Items from people you’re following disappear from your “My Feed” after a certain period of time... 30 days if I remember correctly. Once it’s gone, the only way to find it again is to visit the individual feed for each user and scroll backwards. Not user-friendly. I should be able to keep scrolling backward in my feed to see the history that appeared there before. Also, I might not remember who exactly posted it after a month has passed. Things have improved somewhat (problems loading images have been fixed and some formatting issues are better) but more is needed. Unfortunately, some of our users have abandoned this app and I’m not going to try to get them back until there are improvements.

You can’t even sign in...

This app would potentially be useful if you were even able to sign in. The button is broken, so this app is basically useless. Please fix.

Not fully functional

The app does not reflect the website and doesn't show you everything that you can do, and some areas aren't portrayed correctly in the app. It's really only good for viewing and responding to conversations. You can't access the manual (this is much more difficult to hunt through than the old News and Wiki posts, argh) and the Files section is so squished you can't navigate through it. The notifications are buggy, it takes a bit of refreshing and closing the app and reopening it to get them to go away. The bookmarks don't transfer from the website to the app. I feel like this app has so much potential but is really only good as a conversation tool. :(


This update doesn't let me scroll down.


I can't even get this current version to open. Every time I launch the app it force closes.

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